By default, Knative services are published to a public IP address. Being published to a public IP address means that Knative services are public applications, and have a publicly accessible URL.

Publicly accessible URLs are accessible from outside of the cluster. However, developers may need to build back-end services that are only be accessible from inside the cluster, known as private services. Developers can label individual services in the cluster with the networking.knative.dev/visibility=cluster-local label to make them private.

For OpenShift Serverless 1.15.0 and newer versions, the serving.knative.dev/visibility label is no longer available. You must update existing services to use the networking.knative.dev/visibility label instead.

Setting cluster availability to cluster local

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Serving are installed on the cluster.

  • You have created a Knative service.

  • Set the visibility for your service by adding the networking.knative.dev/visibility=cluster-local label:

    $ oc label ksvc <service_name> networking.knative.dev/visibility=cluster-local
  • Check that the URL for your service is now in the format http://<service_name>.<namespace>.svc.cluster.local, by entering the following command and reviewing the output:

    $ oc get ksvc
    Example output
    NAME            URL                                                                         LATESTCREATED     LATESTREADY       READY   REASON
    hello           http://hello.default.svc.cluster.local                                      hello-tx2g7       hello-tx2g7       True