High availability (HA) is available by default for the Knative Serving activator, autoscaler, autoscaler-hpa, controller, webhook, kourier-control, and kourier-gateway components, which are configured to have two replicas each by default. You can change the number of replicas for these components by modifying the spec.high-availability.replicas value in the KnativeServing custom resource (CR).

Configuring high availability replicas for Knative Serving

To specify three minimum replicas for the eligible deployment resources, set the value of the field spec.high-availability.replicas in the custom resource to 3.

  • You have access to an Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS account with cluster administrator or dedicated administrator access.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Serving are installed on your cluster.

  1. In the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS web console Administrator perspective, navigate to OperatorHubInstalled Operators.

  2. Select the knative-serving namespace.

  3. Click Knative Serving in the list of Provided APIs for the OpenShift Serverless Operator to go to the Knative Serving tab.

  4. Click knative-serving, then go to the YAML tab in the knative-serving page.

    Knative Serving YAML
  5. Modify the number of replicas in the KnativeServing CR:

    Example YAML
    apiVersion: operator.knative.dev/v1alpha1
    kind: KnativeServing
      name: knative-serving
      namespace: knative-serving
        replicas: 3