A list of quick start commands for creating a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) cluster after the prerequisites have been met.

This chapter walks you through setting up your first Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS cluster using the rosa command-line utility (CLI).

Quick start instructions

If you have already installed the required prerequisites, here are the commands you need to create a cluster.

## Configures your AWS account and ensures everything is setup correctly
$ rosa init

## Starts the cluster creation process (~30-40minutes)
$ rosa create cluster --cluster-name <cluster_name>

## Connect your IDP to your cluster
$ rosa create idp --cluster <cluster_name> --interactive

## Promotes a user from your IDP to dedicated-admin level
$ rosa grant user dedicated-admin --user <idp_user_name> --cluster <cluster_name>

## Checks if your install is ready (look for State: Ready),
## and provides your Console URL to login to the web console.
$ rosa describe cluster <cluster_name>