Get support for Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA).

Getting support

If you experience difficulty with a procedure described in this documentation, visit the Red Hat Customer Portal. Through the Customer Portal, you can:

  • Search or browse through the Red Hat Knowledgebase of technical support articles about Red Hat products.

  • Access other product documentation.

  • Submit a support case to Red Hat Support:

    1. Click Open a New Case.

    2. Select the reason for the support ticket, such as Defect/Bug or Account/Customer Service Request.

    3. In the Product field, enter OpenShift to filter the list. Select Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS and the version from the drop-down menus.

    4. Complete the remaining fields.

    5. On the Review page, select the correct cluster ID that you are contacting support about, and click Submit.

An AWS Business or Enterprise Support plan is not required to obtain support from AWS for ROSA, but AWS recommends that ROSA customers enable at least AWS Business Support. For more information, see AWS Support.

If you have a suggestion for improving this documentation or have found an error, submit a Jira issue for the most relevant documentation component. Be sure to provide specific details, such as the section name and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS version.