As a user with the admin role, you can delete a network policy from a namespace.

Deleting a network policy using the CLI

You can delete a network policy in a namespace.

If you log in with a user with the cluster-admin role, then you can delete any network policy in the cluster.

  • Your cluster uses a network plugin that supports NetworkPolicy objects, such as the OVN-Kubernetes network plugin or the OpenShift SDN network plugin with mode: NetworkPolicy set. This mode is the default for OpenShift SDN.

  • You installed the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You are logged in to the cluster with a user with admin privileges.

  • You are working in the namespace where the network policy exists.

  • To delete a network policy object, enter the following command:

    $ oc delete networkpolicy <policy_name> -n <namespace>



    Specifies the name of the network policy.


    Optional: Specifies the namespace if the object is defined in a different namespace than the current namespace.

    Example output
    networkpolicy.networking.k8s.io/default-deny deleted

If you log in to the web console with cluster-admin privileges, you have a choice of deleting a network policy in any namespace in the cluster directly in YAML or from the policy in the web console through the Actions menu.

Deleting a network policy using OpenShift Cluster Manager

You can delete a network policy in a namespace.

  • You logged in to OpenShift Cluster Manager.

  • You created an Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS cluster.

  • You configured an identity provider for your cluster.

  • You added your user account to the configured identity provider.

  1. From the Administrator perspective in the OpenShift Cluster Manager web console, under Networking, click NetworkPolicies.

  2. Use one of the following methods for deleting your network policy:

    • Delete the policy from the Network Policies table:

      1. From the Network Policies table, select the stack menu on the row of the network policy you want to delete and then, click Delete NetworkPolicy.

    • Delete the policy using the Actions drop-down menu from the individual network policy details:

      1. Click on Actions drop-down menu for your network policy.

      2. Select Delete NetworkPolicy from the menu.