Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS provides monitoring dashboards that help you understand the state of user-defined projects.

In the Developer perspective you can access dashboards that provide the following statistics for a selected project:

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage

  • Bandwidth information

  • Packet rate information

monitoring dashboard developer
Figure 1. Example dashboard in the Developer perspective

In the Developer perspective, you can view dashboards for only one project at a time.

Reviewing monitoring dashboards as a developer

In the Developer perspective, you can view dashboards relating to a selected project. You must have access to monitor a project to view dashboard information for it.

  • You have access to the cluster as a dedicated-admin or as a user with view permissions for the project that you are viewing the dashboard for.

  1. In the Developer perspective in the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS web console, navigate to MonitoringDashboard.

  2. Choose a project in the Project: list.

  3. Choose a workload in the All Workloads list.

  4. Optional: Select a time range for the graphs in the Time Range list.

  5. Optional: Select a Refresh Interval.

  6. Hover over each of the graphs within a dashboard to display detailed information about specific items.