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Red Hat OpenShift Online Pro

OpenShift Online Pro is Red Hat’s public cloud application deployment and hosting platform.

Review all of the details, then complete the registration process.

When registering, you can redeem valid, one-time-use promotional coupons, if applicable.

Once registered, customize your account.

Red Hat Fuse Online

Red Hat Fuse Online is a low-code integration platform to help business users build integration solutions faster.

Red Hat Fuse Online is hosted on Red Hat OpenShift Online, so you can get up and running quickly. It can also be deployed anywhere OpenShift is supported—Red Hat managed, public cloud, or private cloud. Learn more and sign up for the technology preview.

Additional Learning

You can explore Red Hat OpenShift’s Interactive Learning Portal and Kubernetes By Example to learn more about OpenShift technology.

Next Up: Basic Walkthrough

Once you are registered, go to Basic Walkthrough to learn how to get a simple project up and running.