You can view the Argo CD logs with the logging subsystem for Red Hat OpenShift. The logging subsystem visualizes the logs on a Kibana dashboard. The OpenShift Logging Operator enables logging with Argo CD by default.

Storing and retrieving Argo CD logs

You can use the Kibana dashboard to store and retrieve Argo CD logs.

  • The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator is installed in your cluster.

  • The logging subsystem for Red Hat OpenShift is installed with default configuration in your cluster.

  1. In the OpenShift Container Platform web console, go to the red hat applications menu icon menu → ObservabilityLogging to view the Kibana dashboard.

  2. Create an index pattern.

    1. To display all the indices, define the index pattern as *, and click Next step.

    2. Select @timestamp for Time Filter field name.

    3. Click Create index pattern.

  3. In the navigation panel of the Kibana dashboard, click the Discover tab.

  4. Create a filter to retrieve logs for Argo CD. The following steps create a filter that retrieves logs for all the pods in the openshift-gitops namespace:

    1. Click Add a filter +.

    2. Select the kubernetes.namespace_name field.

    3. Select the is operator.

    4. Select the openshift-gitops value.

    5. Click Save.

  5. Optional: Add additional filters to narrow the search. For example, to retrieve logs for a particular pod, you can create another filter with kubernetes.pod_name as the field.

  6. View the filtered Argo CD logs in the Kibana dashboard.