You can access a graphical view of GitOps instances with Red Hat OpenShift GitOps monitoring dashboards to observe the behavior and usage of each instance across the cluster.

There are three GitOps dashboards available:

  • GitOps Overview: See an overview of all GitOps instances installed on the cluster, including the number of applications, health and sync status, application and sync activity.

  • GitOps Components: View detailed information, such as CPU or memory, for application-controller, repo-server, server, and other GitOps components.

  • GitOps gRPC Services: View metrics related to gRPC service activity between the various components in Red Hat OpenShift GitOps.

Accessing GitOps monitoring dashboards

The monitoring dashboards are deployed automatically by the Operator. You can access GitOps monitoring dashboards from the Administrator perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

Disabling or changing the content of the dashboards is not supported.

  • You have access to the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  • The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator is installed in the default namespace, openshift-gitops-operator.

  • The cluster monitoring is enabled on the openshift-gitops-operator namespace.

  • You have installed an Argo CD application in your defined namespace, for example, openshift-gitops.

  1. In the Administrator perspective of the web console, go to ObserveDashboards.

  2. From the Dashboard drop-down list, select the desired GitOps dashboard: GitOps (Overview), GitOps / Components, or GitOps / gRPC Services.

  3. Optional: Choose a specific namespace, cluster, and interval from the Namespace, Cluster, and Interval drop-down lists.

  4. View the desired GitOps metrics in the GitOps dashboard.