The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator emits metrics about its performance. With the OpenShift monitoring stack that picks up these metrics, you can monitor and analyze the Operator’s performance. The Operator exposes the following metrics, which you can view by using the OpenShift Container Platform web console:

Table 1. GitOps Operator performance metrics
Metric name Type Description



The total number of active Argo CD instances currently managed by the Operator across the cluster at a given time.



The number of active Argo CD instances in a given phase, such as pending, or available.



The total number of reconciliations that have occurred for an instance in a given namespace at any given time.



The number of reconciliation cycles completed under given time durations for an instance. For example, controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds_per_instance_bucket{le="0.5"} shows the number of reconciliations that took under 0.5 seconds to complete for a given instance.



The total number of reconciliation cycles observed for a given instance.



The total amount of time taken for the observed reconciliations for a given instance.

Gauge is a value that can go up or down. Counter is a value that can only go up.

Accessing the GitOps Operator metrics

You can access the Operator metrics from the Administrator perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console to track the performance of the Operator.

  • You have access to the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  • The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator is installed in the default openshift-gitops-operator namespace.

  • The cluster monitoring is enabled on the openshift-gitops-operator namespace.

  1. In the Administrator perspective of the web console, go to ObserveMetrics.

  2. Enter the metric in the Expression field. You can choose from the following metrics:

    • active_argocd_instances_total

    • active_argocd_instances_by_phase

    • active_argocd_instance_reconciliation_count

    • controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds_per_instance_bucket

    • controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds_per_instance_count

    • controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds_per_instance_sum

  3. (Optional): Filter the metric by its properties. For example, filter the active_argocd_instances_by_phase metric by the Available phase:

  4. (Optional): Click Add query to enter multiple queries.

  5. Click Run queries to enable and observe the GitOps Operator metrics.