Read the following information about supported configurations and prerequisites before you install OpenShift Serverless.

Supported configurations

The set of supported features, configurations, and integrations for OpenShift Serverless, current and past versions, are available at the Supported Configurations page.

Defining cluster size requirements

To install and use OpenShift Serverless, the OpenShift Dedicated cluster must be sized correctly.

The following requirements relate only to the pool of worker machines of the OpenShift Dedicated cluster. Control plane nodes are not used for general scheduling and are omitted from the requirements.

The minimum requirement to use OpenShift Serverless is a cluster with 10 CPUs and 40GB memory. By default, each pod requests ~400m of CPU, so the minimum requirements are based on this value.

The total size requirements to run OpenShift Serverless are dependent on the components that are installed and the applications that are deployed, and might vary depending on your deployment.

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