Cluster service logs can be viewed through OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM) and the OCM CLI. The cluster history details cluster events such as adding groups, adding users, adding identity providers, load balancer quota updates, and scheduled maintenance upgrades.

In addition to the cluster history on OCM, users subscribed to cluster notifications also receive emails for cluster upgrade maintenance, known cluster incidents, or customer action required cluster events.

Viewing OpenShift Dedicated cluster notifications

Service logs are recorded under the Cluster history heading on the Overview tab from OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM) and are also available through the OCM CLI.

  1. From OCM, navigate to the Clusters page and select your cluster.

  2. On the Overview tab, under Cluster history, you can view all cluster events from the service log.

  3. Optional: Filter the cluster service logs by Description or Severity from the drop-down menu. You can filter further by entering a specific item in the search bar.

  4. Optional: Click Download history to download the cluster history service logs. Select JSON or CSV for the output file type and then click Download.

  5. To view service logs from the OCM CLI, enter the following command:

    $ ocm get /api/service_logs/v1/cluster_logs --parameter search="cluster_uuid is '<yourclusterUUID>'"

Subscribing to notifications

You can add notification contacts for your OpenShift Dedicated cluster. When an event occurs that triggers a cluster notification email, subscribed users are notified.

  1. From OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM), navigate to the Clusters page and select your cluster.

  2. On the Support tab, under the Notification contacts heading, click Add notification contact.

  3. Enter the Red Hat username or email of the contact you want to add.

  4. Click Add contact.

A confirmation message appears when the contact was added successfully, and the user is then listed under the Notification contacts heading on the Support tab.