In OpenShift Dedicated, you can monitor your own projects in isolation from Red Hat Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) platform metrics. You can monitor your own projects without the need for an additional monitoring solution.

Follow the instructions in this document carefully to configure a supported Prometheus instance for monitoring user-defined projects. Custom Prometheus instances are not supported by OpenShift Dedicated.

Understanding the monitoring stack

The OpenShift Dedicated monitoring stack is based on the Prometheus open source project and its wider ecosystem. The monitoring stack includes the following:

  • Default platform monitoring components. A set of platform monitoring components are installed in the openshift-monitoring project and enabled by default during an OpenShift Dedicated installation. This provides monitoring for core cluster components. The default monitoring stack also enables remote health monitoring for clusters. Critical metrics, such as CPU and memory, are collected from all of the workloads in every namespace and are made available for your use.

    These components are illustrated in the Installed by default section in the following diagram.

  • Components for monitoring user-defined projects. This feature is enabled by default and provides monitoring for user-defined projects. These components are illustrated in the User section in the following diagram.

OpenShift Dedicated monitoring architecture

Components for monitoring user-defined projects

OpenShift Dedicated includes an optional enhancement to the monitoring stack that enables you to monitor services and pods in user-defined projects. This feature includes the following components:

Table 1. Components for monitoring user-defined projects
Component Description

Prometheus Operator

The Prometheus Operator in the openshift-user-workload-monitoring project creates, configures, and manages Prometheus and Thanos Ruler instances in the same project.


Prometheus is the monitoring system through which monitoring is provided for user-defined projects. Prometheus sends alerts to Alertmanager for processing. However, alert routing is not currently supported.

Thanos Ruler

The Thanos Ruler is a rule evaluation engine for Prometheus that is deployed as a separate process. In OpenShift Dedicated , Thanos Ruler provides rule and alerting evaluation for the monitoring of user-defined projects.

All of these components are monitored by the stack and are automatically updated when OpenShift Dedicated is updated.

Monitoring targets for user-defined projects

Monitoring is enabled by default for OpenShift Dedicated user-defined projects. You can monitor:

  • Metrics provided through service endpoints in user-defined projects.

  • Pods running in user-defined projects.