Autoscale worker nodes on a cluster to increase or decrease the number of resources available. Autoscaling for worker nodes is configured in the machine pool definition if you are configuring an existing cluster.

You can disable autoscaling on a cluster using OpenShift Cluster Manager (OCM) console.

Disabling autoscaling nodes in an existing cluster using OCM

Disable autoscaling for worker nodes in the machine pool definition from the OCM console.

  1. From the OCM console, navigate to the Clusters page and select the cluster with autoscaling that must be disabled.

  2. On the selected cluster, select the Machine pools tab.

  3. Click the Options menu kebab at the end of the machine pool with autoscaling and select Scale.

  4. On the "Edit node count" dialog, deselect the Enable autoscaling checkbox.

  5. Select Apply to save these changes and disable autoscaling from the cluster.