OpenShift Dedicated provides monitoring dashboards that help you understand the state of user-defined projects.

In the Developer perspective, you can access dashboards that provide the following statistics for a selected project:

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage

  • Bandwidth information

  • Packet rate information

monitoring dashboard developer
Figure 1. Example dashboard in the Developer perspective

In the Developer perspective, you can view dashboards for only one project at a time.

Reviewing monitoring dashboards as a developer

In the Developer perspective, you can view dashboards relating to a selected project. You must have access to monitor a project to view dashboard information for it.

  • You have access to the cluster as a dedicated-admin or as a user with view permissions for the project that you are viewing the dashboard for.

  1. In the Developer perspective in the OpenShift Dedicated web console, navigate to ObserveDashboard.

  2. Choose a project in the Project: list.

  3. Choose a workload in the All Workloads list.

  4. Optional: Select a time range for the graphs in the Time Range list.

  5. Optional: Select a Refresh Interval.

  6. Hover over each of the graphs within a dashboard to display detailed information about specific items.