Configure a github identity provider to validate user names and passwords against GitHub or GitHub Enterprise’s OAuth authentication server. OAuth facilitates a token exchange flow between OpenShift Dedicated and GitHub or GitHub Enterprise.

You can use the GitHub integration to connect to either GitHub or GitHub Enterprise. For GitHub Enterprise integrations, you must provide the hostname of your instance and can optionally provide a ca certificate bundle to use in requests to the server.

The following steps apply to both GitHub and GitHub Enterprise unless noted.

Configuring GitHub authentication allows users to log in to OpenShift Dedicated with their GitHub credentials. To prevent anyone with any GitHub user ID from logging in to your OpenShift Dedicated cluster, you can restrict access to only those in specific GitHub organizations.

Registering a GitHub application

To use GitHub or GitHub Enterprise as an identity provider, you must register an application to use.

  1. Register an application on GitHub:

  2. Enter an application name, for example My OpenShift Install.

  3. Enter a homepage URL, such as https://oauth-openshift.apps.<cluster-name>.<cluster-domain>.

  4. Optional: Enter an application description.

  5. Enter the authorization callback URL, where the end of the URL contains the identity provider name:


    For example:
  6. Click Register application. GitHub provides a Client ID and a Client Secret. You need these values to complete the identity provider configuration.