This topic provides information on the administrator CLI operations and their syntax. You must setup and login with the CLI before you can perform these operations.

The oc adm command (formerly the oadm command) is used for administrator CLI operations. The administrator CLI differs from the normal set of commands under the developer CLI, which uses the oc command, and is used more for project-level operations.

Your login may or may not have access to the following administrative commands, depending on your account type.

Common Operations

The administrator CLI allows interaction with the various objects that are managed by OpenShift Dedicated. Many common oc adm operations are invoked using the following syntax:

$ oc adm <action> <option>

This specifies:

  • An <action> to perform, such as new-project or groups.

  • An available <option> to perform the action on as well as a value for the option. Options include --output.

When running oc adm commands, you should run them only from the first master listed in the Ansible host inventory file, by default /etc/ansible/hosts.

Basic CLI Operations


Creates a new project:

$ oc adm new-project <project_name>


Manages authorization policies:

$ oc adm policy


Manages groups:

$ oc adm groups

Maintenance CLI Operations


Outputs the inputs and dependencies of any builds:

$ oc adm build-chain <image_stream>[:<tag>]