Dashboards in the OpenShift Container Platform web console provide visual representations of cluster metrics to help you to quickly understand the state of your cluster. Dashboards belong to the monitoring stack that provides monitoring for core platform components.

The OpenShift Virtualization dashboard provides data on resource consumption for virtual machines and associated pods. The visualization metrics displayed in the OpenShift Virtualization dashboard are based on Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) queries.

A monitoring role is required to monitor user-defined namespaces in the OpenShift Virtualization dashboard.

About reviewing top consumers

In the OpenShift Virtualization dashboard, you can select a specific time period and view the top consumers of resources within that time period. Top consumers are virtual machines or virt-launcher pods that are consuming the highest amount of resources.

The following table shows resources monitored in the dashboard and describes the metrics associated with each resource for top consumers.

Monitored resources


Memory swap traffic

Virtual machines consuming the most memory pressure when swapping memory.

vCPU wait

Virtual machines experiencing the maximum wait time (in seconds) for their vCPUs.

CPU usage by pod

The virt-launcher pods that are using the most CPU.

Network traffic

Virtual machines that are saturating the network by receiving the most amount of network traffic (in bytes).

Storage traffic

Virtual machines with the highest amount (in bytes) of storage-related traffic.

Storage IOPS

Virtual machines with the highest amount of I/O operations per second over a time period.

Memory usage

The virt-launcher pods that are using the most memory (in bytes).

Viewing the maximum resource consumption is limited to the top five consumers.

Reviewing top consumers

In the Administrator perspective, you can view the OpenShift Virtualization dashboard where top consumers of resources are displayed.

  • You have access to the cluster as a user with the cluster-admin role.

  1. In the Administrator perspective in the OpenShift Virtualization web console, navigate to ObserveDashboards.

  2. Select the KubeVirt/Infrastructure Resources/Top Consumers dashboard from the Dashboard list.

  3. Select a predefined time period from the drop-down menu for Period. You can review the data for top consumers in the tables.

  4. Optional: Click Inspect to view or edit the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) query associated with the top consumers for a table.