Metrics enable cluster administrators to monitor how OpenShift Serverless cluster components and workloads are performing.

You can view different metrics for OpenShift Serverless by navigating to Dashboards in the OpenShift Container Platform web console Administrator perspective.


  • See the OpenShift Container Platform documentation on Managing metrics for information about enabling metrics for your cluster.

  • You have access to an OpenShift Container Platform account with cluster administrator access.

  • You have access to the Administrator perspective in the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

If Service Mesh is enabled with mTLS, metrics for Knative Serving are disabled by default because Service Mesh prevents Prometheus from scraping metrics.

For information about resolving this issue, see Enabling Knative Serving metrics when using Service Mesh with mTLS.

Scraping the metrics does not affect autoscaling of a Knative service, because scraping requests do not go through the activator. Consequently, no scraping takes place if no pods are running.