Using the Knative (kn) CLI provides a streamlined and intuitive user interface to view available event source types on your cluster.

Listing available event source types by using the Knative CLI

You can list event source types that can be created and used on your cluster by using the kn source list-types CLI command.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Eventing are installed on the cluster.

  • You have installed the Knative (kn) CLI.

  1. List the available event source types in the terminal:

    $ kn source list-types
    Example output
    TYPE              NAME                                            DESCRIPTION
    ApiServerSource   apiserversources.sources.knative.dev            Watch and send Kubernetes API events to a sink
    PingSource        pingsources.sources.knative.dev                 Periodically send ping events to a sink
    SinkBinding       sinkbindings.sources.knative.dev                Binding for connecting a PodSpecable to a sink
  2. Optional: You can also list the available event source types in YAML format:

    $ kn source list-types -o yaml