You can remove a cluster that you deployed in your VMware vSphere instance by using installer-provisioned infrastructure.

When you run the openshift-install destroy cluster command to uninstall OpenShift Container Platform, vSphere volumes are not automatically deleted. The cluster administrator must manually find the vSphere volumes and delete them.

Removing a cluster that uses installer-provisioned infrastructure

You can remove a cluster that uses installer-provisioned infrastructure from your cloud.

After uninstallation, check your cloud provider for any resources not removed properly, especially with User Provisioned Infrastructure (UPI) clusters. There might be resources that the installer did not create or that the installer is unable to access.

  • Have a copy of the installation program that you used to deploy the cluster.

  • Have the files that the installation program generated when you created your cluster.

  1. From the directory that contains the installation program on the computer that you used to install the cluster, run the following command:

    $ ./openshift-install destroy cluster \
    --dir <installation_directory> --log-level info  (1) (2)
    1 For <installation_directory>, specify the path to the directory that you stored the installation files in.
    2 To view different details, specify warn, debug, or error instead of info.

    You must specify the directory that contains the cluster definition files for your cluster. The installation program requires the metadata.json file in this directory to delete the cluster.

  2. Optional: Delete the <installation_directory> directory and the OpenShift Container Platform installation program.