You can quickly install a default, non-customized, OpenShift Container Platform cluster on a Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) cluster, similar to the one shown in the following diagram.

Diagram of an OpenShift Container Platform cluster on a RHV cluster

The installation program uses installer-provisioned infrastructure to automate creating and deploying the cluster.

To install a default cluster, you prepare the environment, run the installation program and answer its prompts. Then, the installation program creates the OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

For an alternative to installing a default cluster, see Installing a cluster with customizations.

This installation program is available for Linux and macOS only.


Internet access for OpenShift Container Platform

In OpenShift Container Platform 4.9, you require access to the internet to install your cluster.

You must have internet access to:

  • Access OpenShift Cluster Manager to download the installation program and perform subscription management. If the cluster has internet access and you do not disable Telemetry, that service automatically entitles your cluster.

  • Access Quay.io to obtain the packages that are required to install your cluster.

  • Obtain the packages that are required to perform cluster updates.

If your cluster cannot have direct internet access, you can perform a restricted network installation on some types of infrastructure that you provision. During that process, you download the required content and use it to populate a mirror registry with the installation packages. With some installation types, the environment that you install your cluster in will not require internet access. Before you update the cluster, you update the content of the mirror registry.

Requirements for the RHV environment

To install and run an OpenShift Container Platform version 4.9 cluster, the RHV environment must meet the following requirements.

Not meeting these requirements can cause the installation or process to fail. Additionally, not meeting these requirements can cause the OpenShift Container Platform cluster to fail days or weeks after installation.

The following requirem