The release notes for OpenShift API for Data Protection (OADP) describe new features and enhancements, deprecated features, product recommendations, known issues, and resolved issues.

OADP 1.1.1 release notes

The OADP 1.1.1 release notes include product recommendations and descriptions of known issues.

Product recommendations

Before you install OADP 1.1.1, it is recommended to either install VolSync 0.5.1 or to upgrade to it.

Known issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • OADP currently does not support backup and restore of AWS EFS volumes using restic in Velero (OADP-778).

  • CSI backups might fail due to a Ceph limitation of VolumeSnapshotContent snapshots per PVC.

    You can create many snapshots of the same persistent volume claim (PVC) but cannot schedule periodic creation of snapshots:

    • For CephFS, you can create up to 100 snapshots per PVC.

    • For RADOS Block Device (RBD), you can create up to 512 snapshots for each PVC. (OADP-804) and (OADP-975)

      For more information, see Volume Snapshots.