You can install Helm charts on an OpenShift Container Platform cluster using the following methods:

  • The CLI.

  • The Developer perspective of the web console.

The Developer Catalog, in the Developer perspective of the web console, displays the Helm charts available in the cluster. By default, it lists the Helm charts from the Red Hat OpenShift Helm chart repository. For a list of the charts, see the Red Hat Helm index file.

As a cluster administrator, you can add multiple Helm chart repositories, apart from the default one, and display the Helm charts from these repositories in the Developer Catalog.

Installing a Helm chart on an OpenShift Container Platform cluster

  • You have a running OpenShift Container Platform cluster and you have logged into it.

  • You have installed Helm.

  1. Create a new project:

    $ oc new-project vault
  2. Add a repository of Helm charts to your local Helm client:

    $ helm repo add openshift-helm-charts https://charts.openshift.io/
    Example output
    "openshift-helm-charts" has been added to your repositories
  3. Update the repository:

    $ helm repo update
  4. Install an example HashiCorp Vault:

    $ helm install example-vault openshift-helm-charts/hashicorp-vault
    Example output
    NAME: example-vault
    LAST DEPLOYED: Fri Mar 11 12:02:12 2022
    NAMESPACE: vault
    STATUS: deployed
    Thank you for installing HashiCorp Vault!
  5. Verify that the chart has installed successfully:

    $ helm list
    Example output
    NAME         	NAMESPACE	REVISION	UPDATED                                	STATUS  	CHART       	APP VERSION
    example-vault	vault    	1       	2022-03-11 12:02:12.296226673 +0530 IST	deployed	vault-0.19.0	1.9.2

Installing Helm charts using the Developer perspective

You can use either the Developer perspective in the web console or the CLI to select and install a chart from the Helm charts listed in the Developer Catalog. You can create Helm releases by installing Helm charts and see them in the Developer perspective of the web console.


To create Helm releases from the Helm charts provided in the Developer Catalog:

  1. In the Developer perspective, navigate to the +Add view and select a project. Then click Helm Chart option to see all the Helm Charts in the Developer Catalog.

  2. Select a chart and read the description, README, and other details about the chart.

  3. Click Install Helm Chart.