You can plan your OpenShift Virtualization 4.8 cluster by considering tested object maximums. Guidelines for object maximums are based on the largest possible cluster. For smaller clusters, the maximums are lower. In most cases, exceeding these numbers results in lower overall performance. It does not necessarily mean that the cluster will fail.

The maximum number of virtual machines in a node is determined by a number of variables that include the virtual machines' CPUs, memory, and network characteristics.

Tested cluster maximums for OpenShift Virtualization

OpenShift Virtualization 4.8 was tested with bare metal Installer Provisioned Infrastructure (IPI). The following table shows the tested cluster maximums for the OpenShift Virtualization 4.8 release.

Object type OpenShift Virtualization 4.8 cluster maximums

Number of nodes


Number of virtual machines


Number of virtual machines per node