After you install the OpenShift Serverless Operator, you can install Knative Eventing by following the procedures described in this guide.

This guide provides information about installing Knative Eventing using the default settings.


  • You have access to an OpenShift Container Platform account with cluster administrator access.

  • You have installed OpenShift Serverless Operator.

Installing Knative Eventing using the web console

  1. In the Administrator perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console, navigate to OperatorsInstalled Operators.

  2. Check that the Project dropdown at the top of the page is set to Project: knative-eventing.

  3. Click Knative Eventing in the list of Provided APIs for the OpenShift Serverless Operator to go to the Knative Eventing tab.

    Installed Operators page
  4. Click the Create Knative Eventing button.

    Knative Eventing tab
  5. In the Create Knative Eventing page, you can choose to configure the KnativeEventing object by using either the default form provided, or by editing the YAML.

    • Using the form is recommended for simpler configurations that do not require full control of KnativeEventing object creation.

      Optional. If you are configuring the KnativeEventing object using the form, make any changes that you want to implement for your Knative Eventing deployment.

  6. Click Create.