The File Integrity Operator for OpenShift Container Platform continually runs file integrity checks on RHCOS nodes.

These release notes track the development of the File Integrity Operator in the OpenShift Container Platform.

For an overview of the File Integrity Operator, see Understanding the File Integrity Operator.

OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.30

The following advisory is available for the OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.30:

Bug fixes

  • Previously, alerts issued by the File Integrity Operator did not set a namespace, making it difficult to understand where the alert originated. Now, the Operator sets the appropriate namespace, increasing understanding of the alert. (BZ#2101393)

OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.24

The following advisory is available for the OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.24:

New features and enhancements

  • You can now configure the maximum number of backups stored in the FileIntegrity Custom Resource (CR) with the config.maxBackups attribute. This attribute specifies the number of AIDE database and log backups left over from the re-init process to keep on the node. Older backups beyond the configured number are automatically pruned. The default is set to five backups.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, upgrading the Operator from versions older than 0.1.21 to 0.1.22 could cause the re-init feature to fail. This was a result of the Operator failing to update configMap resource labels. Now, upgrading to the latest version fixes the resource labels. (BZ#2049206)

  • Previously, when enforcing the default configMap script contents, the wrong data keys were compared. This resulted in the aide-reinit script not being updated properly after an Operator upgrade, and caused the re-init process to fail. Now,daemonSets run to completion and the AIDE database re-init process executes successfully. (BZ#2072058)

OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.22

The following advisory is available for the OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.22:

Bug fixes

  • Previously, a system with a File Integrity Operator installed might interrupt the OpenShift Container Platform update, due to the /etc/kubernetes/aide.reinit file. This occurred if the /etc/kubernetes/aide.reinit file was present, but later removed prior to the ostree validation. With this update, /etc/kubernetes/aide.reinit is moved to the /run directory so that it does not conflict with the OpenShift Container Platform update. (BZ#2033311)

OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.21

The following advisory is available for the OpenShift File Integrity Operator 0.1.21:

New features and enhancements

  • The metrics related to FileIntegrity scan results and processing metrics are displayed on the monitoring dashboard on the web console. The results are labeled with the prefix of file_integrity_operator_.

  • If a node has an integrity failure for more than 1 second, the default PrometheusRule provided in the operator namespace alerts with a warning.

  • The following dynamic Machine Config Operator and Cluster Version Operator related filepaths are excluded from the default AIDE policy to help prevent false positives during node updates:

    • /etc/machine-config-daemon/currentconfig

    • /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/java/cacerts

    • /etc/cvo/updatepayloads

    • /root/.kube

  • The AIDE daemon process has stability improvements over v0.1.16, and is more resilient to errors that might occur when the AIDE database is initialized.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when the Operator automatically upgraded, outdated daemon sets were not removed. With this release, outdated daemon sets are removed during the automatic upgrade.