You can upgrade the Migration Toolkit for Containers (MTC) by upgrading the MTC Operator.

Upgrading the MTC Operator on an OpenShift Container Platform 4 cluster

You can upgrade to MTC 1.3 on an OpenShift Container Platform 4 cluster by deleting the MigrationController custom resource (CR), uninstalling the CAM Operator, and then installing the MTC Operator.

  1. Delete the MigrationController CR:

    $ oc delete migrationcontroller -n openshift-migration migration-controller
  2. In the OpenShift Container Platform console, navigate to Operators > Installed Operators.

  3. Click CAM Operator.

  4. On the right side of the Operator Details page, select Uninstall Operator from the Actions list.

  5. Select Uninstall. This Operator stops running and no longer receives updates.

  6. Navigate to OperatorsOperatorHub.

  7. Use the Filter by keyword field to find the MTC Operator.

  8. Select the MTC Operator and click Install.

  9. On the Install Operator page, click Install.

    On the Installed Operators page, verify that the MTC Operator appears in the openshift-migration project with the status Succeeded.