Recovering from expired control plane certificates

As of OpenShift Container Platform 4.4.8, the cluster can automatically recover from expired control plane certificates. You no longer need to perform the manual steps that were required in previous versions.

The exception is that you must manually approve the pending node-bootstrapper certificate signing requests (CSRs) to recover kubelet certificates.

Use the following steps to approve the pending node-bootstrapper CSRs.

  1. Get the list of current CSRs:

    $ oc get csr
  2. Review the details of a CSR to verify that it is valid:

    $ oc describe csr <csr_name> (1)
    1 <csr_name> is the name of a CSR from the list of current CSRs.
  3. Approve each valid node-bootstrapper CSR:

    $ oc adm certificate approve <csr_name>