If you have previously installed a Technology Preview version of OpenShift Serverless, follow the instructions in this guide to upgrade to the latest version.

Before upgrading to the latest Serverless release, you must remove the community Knative Eventing operator if you have previously installed it. Having the Knative Eventing operator installed will prevent you from being able to install the latest Technology Preview version of Knative Eventing.

Updating Knative services URL formats

When upgrading from older versions of OpenShift Serverless to 1.7.0, support for HTTPS requires a change to the format of routes. Knative services created on OpenShift Serverless 1.6.0 or older versions are no longer reachable at the old format URLs. You must retrieve the new URL for each service after upgrading OpenShift Serverless.

For more information on retrieving Knative services URLs, see Verifying your serverless application deployment.

Upgrading the Subscription Channel

To upgrade to the latest version of OpenShift Serverless on OpenShift Container Platform 4.3, you must update the channel to 4.3.

If you are upgrading from OpenShift Serverless version 1.5.0, or earlier, to version 1.7.0, you must complete the following steps:

  • Upgrade to OpenShift Serverless version 1.5.0, by selecting the techpreview channel.

  • After you have upgraded to 1.5.0, upgrade to 1.6.0 by selecting the preview-4.3 channel.

  • Finally, after you have upgraded to 1.6.0, upgrade to the latest version by selecting the 4.3 channel.

After each channel change, wait for the pods in the knative-serving namespace to get upgraded before changing the channel again.

  • You have installed a previous version of OpenShift Serverless Operator, and have selected Automatic updates during the installation process.

    If you have selected Manual updates, you will need to complete additional steps after updating the channel as described in this guide. The Subscription’s upgrade status will remain Upgrading until you review and approve its Install Plan. Information about the Install Plan can be found in the OpenShift Container Platform Operators documentation.

  • You have logged in to the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  1. Select the openshift-operators namespace in the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  2. Navigate to the OperatorsInstalled Operators page.

  3. Select the OpenShift Serverless Operator Operator.

  4. Click SubscriptionChannel.

  5. In the Change Subscription Update Channel window, select 4.3, and then click Save.

  6. Wait until all pods have been upgraded in the knative-serving namespace and the KnativeServing custom resource reports the latest Knative Serving version.

Verification steps

To verify that the upgrade has been successful, you can check the status of pods in the knative-serving namespace, and the version of the KnativeServing CR.

  1. Check the status of the pods:

    $ oc get knativeserving.operator.knative.dev knative-serving -n knative-serving -o=jsonpath='{.status.conditions[?(@.type=="Ready")].status}'

    The previous command should return a status of True.

  2. Check the version of the KnativeServing CR:

    $ oc get knativeserving.operator.knative.dev knative-serving -n knative-serving -o=jsonpath='{.status.version}'

    This command should return the latest version of Knative Serving. You can check the latest version in the OpenShift Serverless Operator release notes.