OpenShift Virtualization offers the following tuning options at the control-plane level:

  • The highBurst profile, which uses fixed QPS and burst rates, to create hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) in one batch

  • Migration setting adjustment based on workload type

Configuring a highBurst profile

Use the highBurst profile to create and maintain a large number of virtual machines (VMs) in one cluster.

  • Apply the following patch to enable the highBurst tuning policy profile:

    $ oc patch hyperconverged kubevirt-hyperconverged -n openshift-cnv \
      --type=json -p='[{"op": "add", "path": "/spec/tuningPolicy", \
      "value": "highBurst"}]'
  • Run the following command to verify the highBurst tuning policy profile is enabled:

    $ oc get kubevirt.kubevirt.io/kubevirt-kubevirt-hyperconverged \
      -n openshift-cnv -o go-template --template='{{range $config, \
      $value := .spec.configuration}} {{if eq $config "apiConfiguration" \
      "webhookConfiguration" "controllerConfiguration" "handlerConfiguration"}} \
      {{"\n"}} {{$config}} = {{$value}} {{end}} {{end}} {{"\n"}}