An OpenShift Container Platform cluster with multi-architecture compute machines is a cluster that supports compute machines with different architectures. Clusters with multi-architecture compute machines are available only on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure installer-provisioned infrastructures and bare metal, IBM Power®, and IBM Z® user-provisioned infrastructures with x86_64 control plane machines.

When there are nodes with multiple architectures in your cluster, the architecture of your image must be consistent with the architecture of the node. You need to ensure that the pod is assigned to the node with the appropriate architecture and that it matches the image architecture. For more information on assigning pods to nodes, see Assigning pods to nodes.

The Cluster Samples Operator is not supported on clusters with multi-architecture compute machines. Your cluster can be created without this capability. For more information, see Enabling cluster capabilities

For information on migrating your single-architecture cluster to a cluster that supports multi-architecture compute machines, see Migrating to a cluster with multi-architecture compute machines.