The Red Hat OpenShift distributed tracing platform (Jaeger) is a deprecated feature. Deprecated functionality is still included in OpenShift Container Platform and continues to be supported; however, it will be removed in a future release of this product and is not recommended for new deployments.

For the most recent list of major functionality that has been deprecated or removed within OpenShift Container Platform, refer to the Deprecated and removed features section of the OpenShift Container Platform release notes.

Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) controls the installation, upgrade, and role-based access control (RBAC) of Operators in a cluster. The OLM runs by default in OpenShift Container Platform. OLM queries for available Operators as well as upgrades for installed Operators.

During an update, the Red Hat OpenShift distributed tracing platform Operators upgrade the managed distributed tracing platform instances to the version associated with the Operator. Whenever a new version of the Red Hat OpenShift distributed tracing platform (Jaeger) Operator is installed, all the distributed tracing platform (Jaeger) application instances managed by the Operator are upgraded to the Operator’s version. For example, after upgrading the Operator from 1.10 installed to 1.11, the Operator scans for running distributed tracing platform (Jaeger) instances and upgrades them to 1.11 as well.

If you have not already updated your OpenShift Elasticsearch Operator as described in Updating OpenShift Logging, complete that update before updating your Red Hat OpenShift distributed tracing platform (Jaeger) Operator.