The Insights Operator periodically gathers configuration and component failure status and, by default, reports that data every two hours to Red Hat. This information enables Red Hat to assess configuration and deeper failure data than is reported through Telemetry. Users of OpenShift Container Platform can display the report in the Insights Advisor service on Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

Additional resources

Downloading your Insights Operator archive

Insights Operator stores gathered data in an archive located in the openshift-insights namespace of your cluster. You can download and review the data that is gathered by the Insights Operator.

  • Access to the cluster as a user with the cluster-admin role.

  1. Find the name of the running pod for the Insights Operator:

    $ oc get pods --namespace=openshift-insights -o custom-columns=:metadata.name --no-headers  --field-selector=status.phase=Running
  2. Copy the recent data archives collected by the Insights Operator:

    $ oc cp openshift-insights/<insights_operator_pod_name>:/var/lib/insights-operator ./insights-data (1)
    1 Replace <insights_operator_pod_name> with the pod name output from the preceding command.

The recent Insights Operator archives are now available in the insights-data directory.

Viewing Insights Operator gather durations

You can view the time it takes for the Insights Operator to gather the information contained in the archive. This helps you to understand Insights Operator resource usage and issues with Insights Advisor.

  • A recent copy of your Insights Operator archive.

  1. From your archive, open /insights-operator/gathers.json.

    The file contains a list of Insights Operator gather operations:

          "name": "clusterconfig/authentication",
          "duration_in_ms": 730, (1)
          "records_count": 1,
          "errors": null,
          "panic": null
    1 duration_in_ms is the amount of time in milliseconds for each gather operation.
  2. Inspect each gather operation for abnormalities.