The environment details page displays the health status of the application resources, such as routes, synchronization status, deployment configuration and deployment history.

Checking health information

The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator will install the GitOps backend service in the openshift-gitops namespace.

  • The Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator is installed from OperatorHub.

  • Argo CD applications are in sync.

  1. Click Environments under the Developer perspective. The Environments page shows the list of applications along with their Environment status.

  2. Hover over the icons under the Environment status column to see the synchronization status of all the environments.

  3. Click the application name from the list to view the details of a specific application.

  4. If the Resources section displays icons, hover over the icons to get status details.

    • A broken heart indicates that resource issues have degraded the application’s performance.

    • A yellow yield sign indicates that resource issues have delayed data about the application’s health.

  5. To view the deployment history of an application, click the Deployment History tab. The page includes details such as the Last deployment, Description (commit message), Environment, Author, and Revision.