If your cloud provider does not support snapshots or if your applications are on NFS data volumes, you can create backups by using Restic.

Restic is installed by the OADP Operator by default.

Restic integration with OADP provides a solution for backing up and restoring almost any type of Kubernetes volume. This integration is an addition to OADP’s capabilities, not a replacement for existing functionality.

You back up Kubernetes resources, internal images, and persistent volumes with Restic by editing the Backup custom resource (CR).

You do not need to specify a snapshot location in the DataProtectionApplication CR.

Restic does not support backing up hostPath volumes. For more information, see additional Restic limitations.

  • You must install the OpenShift API for Data Protection (OADP) Operator.

  • You must not disable the default Restic installation by setting spec.configuration.restic.enable to false in the DataProtectionApplication CR.

  • The DataProtectionApplication CR must be in a Ready state.

  • Create the Backup CR, as in the following example:

    apiVersion: velero.io/v1
    kind: Backup
      name: <backup>
        velero.io/storage-location: default
      namespace: openshift-adp
      defaultVolumesToRestic: true (1)
    1 Add defaultVolumesToRestic: true to the spec block.