You can launch an embedded command line terminal instance in the web console. This terminal instance is preinstalled with common CLI tools for interacting with the cluster, such as oc, kubectl,odo, kn, tkn, helm, kubens, subctl, and kubectx. It also has the context of the project you are working on and automatically logs you in using your credentials.

Accessing the web terminal

After the Web Terminal Operator is installed, you can access the web terminal. You can re-run commands by selecting them from the list of commands you have run in the terminal. These commands persist across multiple terminal sessions. The web terminal remains open until you close it or until you close the browser window or tab.

  • You have access to an OpenShift Container Platform cluster and are logged into the web console.

  • The Web Terminal Operator is installed on your cluster.

  1. To launch the web terminal, click the command line terminal icon (odc wto icon) in the masthead of the console. A web terminal instance is displayed in the Command line terminal pane. This instance is automatically logged in with your credentials.

  2. Select the project where the DevWorkspace CR must be created from the Project drop-down list. By default, the current project is selected.

    • The DevWorkspace CR is created only if it does not already exist.

    • The openshift-terminal project is the default project used for cluster administrators. They do not have the option to choose another project.

  3. Click Start to initialize the web terminal using the selected project. After the web terminal is initialized, you can use the preinstalled CLI tools like oc, kubectl, odo, kn, tkn, helm, kubens, subctl, and kubectx in the web terminal.