About virtual machine events

OpenShift Container Platform events are records of important life-cycle information in a namespace and are useful for monitoring and troubleshooting resource scheduling, creation, and deletion issues.

OpenShift Virtualization adds events for virtual machines and virtual machine instances. These can be viewed from either the web console or the CLI.

Viewing the events for a virtual machine in the web console

You can view streaming events for a running virtual machine on the VirtualMachine details page of the web console.

  1. Click VirtualizationVirtualMachines from the side menu.

  2. Select a virtual machine to open the VirtualMachine details page.

  3. Click the Events tab to view streaming events for the virtual machine.

    • The ▮▮ button pauses the events stream.

    • The ▶ button resumes a paused events stream.

Viewing namespace events in the CLI

Use the OpenShift Container Platform client to get the events for a namespace.

  • In the namespace, use the oc get command:

    $ oc get events

Viewing resource events in the CLI

Events are included in the resource description, which you can get using the OpenShift Container Platform client.

  • In the namespace, use the oc describe command. The following example shows how to get the events for a virtual machine, a virtual machine instance, and the virt-launcher pod for a virtual machine:

    $ oc describe vm <vm>
    $ oc describe vmi <vmi>
    $ oc describe pod virt-launcher-<name>