You can monitor the progress of a live migration of a virtual machine instance from either the web console or the CLI.

Monitoring live migration of a virtual machine instance in the web console

For the duration of the migration, the virtual machine has a status of Migrating. This status is displayed on the VirtualMachines page or on the VirtualMachine details page of the migrating virtual machine.

  1. In the OpenShift Container Platform console, click VirtualizationVirtualMachines from the side menu.

  2. Select a virtual machine to open the VirtualMachine details page.

Monitoring live migration of a virtual machine instance in the CLI

The status of the virtual machine migration is stored in the Status component of the VirtualMachineInstance configuration.

  • Use the oc describe command on the migrating virtual machine instance:

    $ oc describe vmi vmi-fedora
    Example output
        Last Probe Time:       <nil>
        Last Transition Time:  <nil>
        Status:                True
        Type:                  LiveMigratable
      Migration Method:  LiveMigration
      Migration State:
        Completed:                    true
        End Timestamp:                2018-12-24T06:19:42Z
        Migration UID:                d78c8962-0743-11e9-a540-fa163e0c69f1
        Source Node:                  node2.example.com
        Start Timestamp:              2018-12-24T06:19:35Z
        Target Node:                  node1.example.com
        Target Node Address:
        Target Node Domain Detected:  true