Brokers can be used in combination with triggers to deliver events from an event source to an event sink. Events are sent from an event source to a broker as an HTTP POST request. After events have entered the broker, they can be filtered by CloudEvent attributes using triggers, and sent as an HTTP POST request to an event sink.

Broker event delivery overview

If you are using a Kafka broker, you can configure the delivery order of events from triggers to event sinks. See Configuring event delivery ordering for triggers.

Creating a trigger by using the web console

Using the OpenShift Container Platform web console provides a streamlined and intuitive user interface to create a trigger. After Knative Eventing is installed on your cluster and you have created a broker, you can create a trigger by using the web console.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator, Knative Serving, and Knative Eventing are installed on your OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

  • You have logged in to the web console.

  • You have created a project or have access to a project with t