Channels are custom resources that define a single event-forwarding and persistence layer. After events have been sent to a channel from an event source or producer, these events can be sent to multiple Knative services or other sinks by using a subscription.

Channel workflow overview

You can create channels by instantiating a supported Channel object, and configure re-delivery attempts by modifying the delivery spec in a Subscription object.

Creating a channel by using the web console

Using the OpenShift Container Platform web console provides a streamlined and intuitive user interface to create a channel. After Knative Eventing is installed on your cluster, you can create a channel by using the web console.

  • You have logged in to the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  • The OpenShift Serverless Operator and Knative Eventing are installed on your OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

  • You have created a project or have access to a project with the appropriate roles and permissions to create applications and other workloads in OpenShift Container Platform.

  1. In the Developer perspective, navigate to +AddChannel.

  2. Select the type of Channel object that you want to create in the Type list.

  3. Click Create.

  • Confirm that the channel now exists by navigating to the Topology page.