You can install OpenShift Container Platform on on-premise hardware or on-premise VMs using the Assisted Installer (AI). AI provides you with more options for customization than an installer-provisioned installation, while still running pre-flight validations and using smart defaults.

Installing OpenShift Container Platform using AI supports both x86-64 and arm64 CPU architectures.

API support for Assisted Installer

Supported APIs for Assisted Installer are stable for a minimum of three months from the announcement of deprecation.

Assisted Installer 2.3 release notes

About this release

These release notes track the development of Assisted Installer 2.3.

This product was previously released as a Technology Preview product and is now generally available and enabled by default in the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, users could define localhost as a valid host name for all of their hosts. As a result, host names were not unique, and Assisted Installer could not install the cluster. With this release, users cannot complete the cluster installation if any of the hosts are named localhost. An error appears and users must rename the hosts.

  • Previously, in the OpenShift Web Console troubleshooting window, the Optional field remained blank when undefined instead of displaying an IP address. With this release, the Optional field was removed.

  • Previously, when installing a cluster on vSphere, the Assisted Installer created machines and MachineSet objects for every virtual machine. With this release, Assisted Installer no longer creates machines or MachineSet objects for user-provisioned VMs.

  • Previously, if Operators failed to install during an installation with Assisted Installer, users received an error message and were directed to reset the cluster installation. With this release, if Operators fail to install, the cluster is automatically degraded.

  • Previously, after installing an Operator using Assisted Installer, the Operator appeared as available in the cluster Status area in the Installation progress page. However, users had to check the Operator avilability in the OpenShift Container Platform web console. With this release, the Operator appears as installed in the Status area.

Known issues

  • The minimum disk size required for installing on bare metal using Assisted Installer is specified as 120GB. The actual required minimum disk size is 100GB.