You can delete applications and all components associated with the application in your project.

Deleting an application

Use the odo app delete command to delete your application.

  1. List the applications in the current project:

    $ odo app list
    Example output
        The project '<project_name>' has the following applications:
  2. List the components associated with the applications. These components will be deleted with the application:

    $ odo component list
    Example output
        APP     NAME                      TYPE       SOURCE        STATE
        app     nodejs-nodejs-ex-elyf     nodejs     file://./     Pushed
  3. Delete the application:

    $ odo app delete <application_name>
    Example output
        ? Are you sure you want to delete the application: <application_name> from project: <project_name>
  4. Confirm the deletion with Y. You can suppress the confirmation prompt using the -f flag.