You can use the Developer perspective of the OpenShift Container Platform web console to create CI/CD pipelines for your software delivery process.

In the Developer perspective:

  • Use the AddPipelinePipeline Builder option to create customized pipelines for your application.

  • Use the AddFrom Git option to create pipelines using operator-installed pipeline templates and resources while creating an application on OpenShift Container Platform.

After you create the pipelines for your application, you can view and visually interact with the deployed pipelines in the Pipelines view. You can also use the Topology view to interact with the pipelines created using the From Git option. You need to apply custom labels to a pipeline created using the Pipeline Builder to see it in the Topology view.


Constructing Pipelines using the Pipeline Builder

In the Developer perspective of the console, you can use the +AddPipelinePipeline builder option to:

  • Configure pipelines using either the Pipeline builder or the YAML view.

  • Construct a pipeline flow using existing tasks and cluster tasks. When you install the OpenShift Pipelines Operator, it adds reusable pipeline cluster tasks to your cluster.

  • Specify the type of resources required for the pipeline run, and if required, add additional parameters to the pipeline.

  • Reference these pipeline resources in each of the tasks in the pipeline as input and output resources.

  • If required, reference any additional parameters added to the pipeline in the task. The parameters for a task are prepopulated based on the specifications of the task.

  • Use the Operator-installed, reusable snippets and samples to create detailed pipelines.

  1. In the +Add view of the Developer perspective, click the Pipeline tile to see the Pipeline builder page.

  2. Configure the pipeline using either the Pipeline builder view or the YAML view.

    The Pipeline builder view supports a limited number of fields whereas the YAML view supports all available fields. Optionally, you can also use the Operator-installed, reusable snippets and samples to create detailed Pipelines.