By default, the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator automatically detects an installed Argo CD instance in your defined namespace, for example, openshift-gitops, and connects it to the monitoring stack of the cluster to provide alerts for out-of-sync applications.

  • You have access to the cluster with cluster-admin privileges.

  • You have access to the OpenShift Container Platform web console.

  • You have installed the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator in your cluster.

  • You have installed an Argo CD application in your defined namespace, for example, openshift-gitops.

Monitoring Argo CD health using Prometheus metrics

You can monitor the health status of an Argo CD application by running Prometheus metrics queries against it.

  1. In the Developer perspective of the web console, select the namespace where your Argo CD application is installed, and navigate to ObserveMetrics.

  2. From the Select query drop-down list, select Custom query.

  3. To check the health status of your Argo CD application, enter the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) query similar to the following example in the Expression field:

    sum(argocd_app_info{dest_namespace=~"<your_defined_namespace>",health_status!=""}) by (health_status) (1)
    1 Replace the <your_defined_namespace> variable with the actual name of your defined namespace, for example openshift-gitops.