About Routers

There are many ways to get traffic into the cluster. The most common approach is to use the OpenShift Container Platform router as the ingress point for external traffic destined for services in your OpenShift Container Platform installation.

OpenShift Container Platform provides and supports the following router plug-ins:

Router Service Account

Before deploying an OpenShift Container Platform cluster, you must have a service account for the router, which is automatically created during cluster installation. This service account has permissions to a security context constraint (SCC) that allows it to specify host ports.

Permission to Access Labels

When namespace labels are used, for example in creating router shards, the service account for the router must have cluster-reader permission.

$ oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user \
    cluster-reader \

With a service account in place, you can proceed to installing a default HAProxy Router or a customized HAProxy Router