The default requirements are listed in the table below. These can be overridden by customizing template parameters.

The application performance will suffer, or possibly even fail to deploy, if these requirements are not satisfied.

Table 1. Default Requirements
Item Requirement Description Customization Parameter

Application Memory

≥ 4.0 Gi

Minimum required memory for the application


Application Storage

≥ 5.0 Gi

Minimum PV size required for the application


PostgreSQL Memory

≥ 6.0 Gi

Minimum required memory for the database


PostgreSQL Storage

≥ 15.0 Gi

Minimum PV size required for the database


Cluster Hosts

≥ 3

Number of hosts in your cluster


To sum up these requirements:

  • You must have several cluster nodes.

  • Your cluster nodes must have lots of memory available.

  • You must have several GiB’s of storage available, either locally or on your cloud provider.

  • PV sizes can be changed by providing override values to template parameters.