Apply the init bundle by using it to create resources.

Applying the init bundle on the secured cluster

Before you configure a secured cluster, you must apply the init bundle by using it to create the required resources on the secured cluster. Applying the init bundle allows the services on the secured cluster to communicate with RHACS Cloud Service.

If you are installing by using Helm charts, do not perform this step. Complete the installation by using Helm; See "Installing RHACS on secured clusters by using Helm charts" in the additional resources section.

  • You must have generated an init bundle containing secrets.

  • You must have created the stackrox project, or namespace, on the cluster where secured cluster services will be installed. Using stackrox for the project is not required, but ensures that vulnerabilities for RHACS processes are not reported when scanning your clusters.

  • Using the kubectl CLI, run the following commands to create the resources:

    $ kubectl create namespace stackrox (1)
    $ kubectl create -f <init_bundle>.yaml \(2)
      -n <stackrox> (3)
    1 Create the project where secured cluster resources will be installed. This example uses stackrox.
    2 Specify the file name of the init bundle containing the secrets.
    3 Specify the project name that you created. This example uses stackrox.
  • Restart Sensor to pick up the new certificates.

    For more information about how to restart Sensor, see "Restarting the Sensor container" in the "Additional resources" section.

Next steps

  • Install RHACS secured cluster services in all clusters that you want to monitor.

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