After installing RHACS Cloud Service, you can perform some steps to verify that the installation was successful.

To verify installation, access your ACS Console from the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console. The Dashboard displays the number of clusters that RHACS Cloud Service is monitoring, along with information about nodes, deployments, images, and violations.

If no data appears in the ACS Console:

  • Ensure that at least one secured cluster is connected to your RHACS Cloud Service instance. For more information, see instructions for installing by using Helm charts or by using the roxctl CLI.

  • Examine your Sensor pod logs to ensure that the connection to your RHACS Cloud Service instance is successful.

  • Examine the values in the SecuredCluster API in the Operator on your local cluster to ensure that the Central API Endpoint has been entered correctly. This value should be the same value as shown in the ACS instance details in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.